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Join us LIVE in:

Overwhelmed, exhausted
or “hypersensitive”?

Yeah, we get you. That was us too!

You want to help others, but
everything is wearing you out.

This online class is for YOU. 
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You don't have to to carry all this stuff on your own.

How do you know if this is right for you?

  • You feel the need to keep everything together, but at the end of the day you’re too exhausted to even meet your own needs. There’s never enough time.

  • Other people’s stress really gets to you, making you feel anxious, upset or fried.

  • You seem to absorb negative energy from others, or have a hard time saying "no" when someone needs help, even at your own expense.

  • Your dreams keep getting put on the back burner because you’re just too tired, scattered or distracted to make them happen. (You may even be struggling financially because of this.) 

If you’re dealing with even one of these, we want you to know that life CAN be different! And now’s the time to spark that change. We’ve combined decades of energy healing experience and created a course that can help you finally find freedom from constant exhaustion, stress and burnout.

— Natalie Nelson and Whitney Nelson

Love Letters

Megan O.

Whitney and Natalie are the dynamic duo.  We just completed our 6 part pilot course online called Resilient.  It a was absolutely fantastic. .  It was meticulously organized, excellent presentation, compassionate, safe atmosphere and I learned so much.  Thank you to both of you!

Peg S.

Thank you, you two wonderfully courageous women for taking us into uncharted territory. I have learned from you both already how to take better care of myself!

Chris C.

Natalie and Whitney, you rock! Not only are you skilled healers but excellent teachers as well. I felt the energy of the whole group get more positive as the webinar progressed. You have a lot to offer -  I'm glad to be in this program.

WithThis 5 Week Program, Yo'ull: 

  • Easily digest and master mind-blowing, stress busting concepts

  • Create transformational new habits and watch your old limitations fall away 

  • Start seeing results right away, and share your successes with the group

  • Flex your mindfulness muscles and approach life as the most empowered version of you

  • Dive into immersive group experiences and use your empathic nature to energize and heal you

  • Reveal your vibrant inner power (it's always been there, waiting for you!) 


When you sign up today, you will also receive these free bonuses:

A bonus 6th week
of the Resilient Program!

​Yes, an extra week, because we have so much incredible stuff to share, we decided to extend the entire program! This will bring it all together, giving you the Swiss Army Knife of all the tools you'll collect throughout Resilient.

Transform your Relationship with Money

In this extra group call, we'll dissect the most common issues that cause money blockages, so you can begin to see and think about creating money in a whole different way, and take back control like never before. 

3 Months Additional Support and Empowerment

Keep transformation in motion with 3 additional Resonance Release Group Calls (one per month), where we'll do energy work to tackle any lingering issues. (Begins at the end of your Resilient program)

Maximize Your Growth with Community

Get ongoing community support throughout, then we'll come together at the end in a live group call! We'll share our biggest aHa moments, best practices, and energy life hacks, to give you even greater value .

Join Resilient now for only $397

Includes $300+ in bonuses!
The way you’ve been feeling is so common, but we firmly believe that you deserve better, and so does everyone else! 

You deserve a life that is fulfilling, joyful and balanced.

Join us and find out just what that feels like! 


Transforming Exhaustion
into Empowerment
Just $397 Today
Join us and other like-minded souls

We’ll help you peel back the layers that are causing you to be overwhelmed, and help you develop greater physical and mental wellness instead. 

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