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Frequently Asked Questions


For the best experience and the most value from our time together:

  • Call in at your appointment time 

  • Be prepared with a list of 1-4 issues or goals you want to address in the session

  • Relax in a quiet room, free of distractions

  • Avoid doing other energy work for 1-2 days before and after (bodywork is totally okay)

What if I'm late or need to cancel?

Late policy: If you're running late, we'll wait 5 minutes and then try calling you, using the phone number you used while booking. If your practitioner is running behind, we will let you know via text. 

No-show policy: If you no-show, or call in too late to do the session, we will reschedule one time at no charge. Subsequent issues will be handled at the practitioner's discretion.

Rescheduling policy: If you need to reschedule, we ask that you let us know via email 24 hours in advance if possible. Please reschedule if you're sick with a cold or flu, so your body can focus on your immunity, rather than processing the energy from a session. A reschedule request in less than 24 hours will be handled at the practitioner's discretion.

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What does a session include?

First, we'll discuss whatever is bothering you or whatever goal(s) you are wanting to work on in the session. Nothing is too big, too small, or too crazy for us, and we'll never judge you, so don't feel like you need to hold back. That said, we aren't therapists, and we don't need to talk things through in order to do energy work. 

Next, we'll have a moment of silence to set the intention for the session, then your practitioner will create a proxy (distance) connection with you, then we'll dive in. We'll ask your subconscious what to focus on, and begin clearing each imbalance that shows up, one at a time. We may or may not switch gears to another issue or goal, depending on your priorities and what your subconscious computer says is key. We'll work until we run out of time or things to clear. 

Your practitioner will take notes along the way, and give you a nutshell explanation of what each imbalance is, how it could be affecting you, or anything pertinent that comes to mind through intuition. Any suggestions will also be noted along the way. Your session can be as interactive as you want it to be, and we encourage you to ask questions as they come up. After the session, your findings and any suggestions will be emailed to you. We suggest not reading over the session findings part until your processing period is complete, and maybe never revisiting them at all if you tend to ruminate on the past. 

How many sessions will I need?

This is the burning question that everyone has, and no one can answer. 

A lot of folks think of healing as a race to a finish line, with finite goals and a mindset of, "If I can just get here, I'll be happy." We see the healing process as more of a mountain climbing situation. It's about leveling up, and best done methodically, safely, and with plenty of rest, support, and enjoying the view along the way. Our goal is to make this experience easier and more rewarding for you.

Every stage of your healing journey will be different, so we take a curious and intuitive approach in an attempt to help you meet your own needs and get out of your own way, no matter what that looks like. Your best results will always come from being an active participant in your healing process. We may do energy healing work, but we are really just facilitators, helping make conditions right for your body to heal itself. 

The healing process looks different for everyone, but here is what we do know: Immediately after a session and for 1-3 days afterward, you'll go through a period of time called "processing." You'll probably just feel lighter during this time, but you might feel a bit irritable, fatigued, or experience "echoes" of the imbalances we released. This is normal, and indicates your body is doing its thing!


We suggest taking extra good care of yourself during this time. Get lots of rest, a balanced diet, time outdoors, have some fun, avoid stress if possible, and try anything we may have suggested in your session. 

Then after the processing period is over, you can take stock of how you feel. Hopefully you'll find that you have leveled up, and feel more calm, more empowered and freer than ever. 

What should i expect after a session?


The only spiritual beliefs that matter in our work together are yours. We are impartial facilitators and will work within your belief system, no matter what it may or may not be. 

On that note: If you are feeling lost or conflicted  after leaving a controlling organization or relationship, you're in the right place. We can help remove conflicts between your conscious and subconscious beliefs, so you can feel whole, safe and joyful again.

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